HVAC & Water & Gas & Steam:

Factors like clean steam systems for on-site equipment sterilization, pure water systems for your cleaning operations, water injection systems for parenteral products, etc. are critical auxiliary operations that support all production operations.

The design, storage, and distribution of auxiliary operations with are of critical importance during installation and setting-up of a facility.

Design, installation, optimization, and validation processes of HVAC, water, gas and steam systems, etc. are important process components that are taken into consideration by the engineers and experts of Quality Academia.

We will be your solution partner for these critically important factors in the production facilities of pharmaceutical & biotechnology products with risk-approaches at stages,

such as;

  • Choice of location
  • Capacity
  • Scaling
  • Design of distribution simulations and schemes
  • Installation of P & ID systems
  • Required purchasing operations
  • Preparation of all required qualification and starting protocols
  • Maintenance of installation and
  • Maintenance-repair supports and disposals etc.

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