In-House Trainings

  • Do you have several participants? Arrange a private in-house training training for your organisation. 
  • Quality Academia is regionally recognized as a provider of top quality in house trainings. All of our public trainings can also be run at your site, but the advantage of our in house programs is that they are specifically designed to meet your precise needs.
  • Training duration can vary from a day to a week and may be single events or a series of linked training modules delivered over a longer period as part of a major, organization-wide culture change program.  
  • Optimum attendance is 10 to 15 people, although more or fewer can be accommodated. 
  • Instead of you coming to us, we can come to you.

There are multiple advantages of arranging it in-house over attending a public training.

 Advantages of in-house training

  • Quality Academia is ready to arrange the training dates, times and locations together with your staff. We must also remind you that there may be additional travel and accommodation costs associated with the training instructor travelling to a location convenient to you.
  • Quality Academia is aware that this training is dedicated to a particular team, it can be targeted and tailored specifically to the needs of that team. We must also remind you that there may be an additional cost associated with the time taken to tailor or customise training.
  • Quality Academia knows that teams can share the specific problems they are facing relating to the topic of the course, without concern for sensitive information or organisational reputation.
  • Quality Academia believes that having the whole team together at the same training can help get everyone on the same page with a consistent language and an agreed approach.
  • Quality Academia suggests that this training can be a cost effective option for team learning.

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